Today I will introduce several metal file cabinets to you:

First of all, what is a metal filing cabinet?

In fact, this so-called metal filing cabinet is a kind of filing cabinet produced by using metal as raw material. This metal filing cabinet mainly includes metal filing cabinets, steel filing cabinets, stainless steel filing cabinets and aluminum filing cabinets. Everyone has heard that the most common ones are metal filing cabinets and steel filing cabinets.

All metal file cabinets can be sprayed on the surface, and they are of various colors and forms. It can play the functions of fire prevention, moisture prevention and earthquake resistance. At the same time, the metal file cabinet also has the advantages of long service life, large bearing capacity, and environmental protection.

Due to the fireproof and hard characteristics of the metal material itself, these advantages of the metal file cabinet are created, and its service life can reach more than 8-10 years. However, there are also disadvantages. The disadvantages of this metal filing cabinet are that it is heavy, noisy, and relatively expensive. However, many people are willing to buy metal filing cabinets anyway.

Iron file cabinets and steel file cabinets have already been written in the previous article, so I won’t say much here, and this stainless steel file cabinet is similar to steel file cabinets, so I won’t say anything.

Now, let me briefly introduce you to the aluminum file cabinet. This so-called aluminum file cabinet refers to a file cabinet made of metal aluminum as raw material. This kind of file cabinet has the advantages of corrosion resistance, weather resistance and long use time, so it has been loved and sought after by the majority of office people, and has become a popular office furniture product for a while.

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