The types of home textile fabric we recognize have their own advantages. Home textiles are also called decorative textiles. It is a practical textile that can beautify and decorate people's living environment. Mainly used in homes and public places. As: hotels, hotels, theaters, dance halls, airplanes, trains, cars, ships, shopping malls, companies, institutions, and many other occasions have played a great role in beautifying, improving the environment, and improving the comfort of people's lives and work. Today we talk about his decontamination performance.

Sofa-type home textiles require that they are not easily stained by stains as much as possible, and once they are stained, they must be easy to wash and remove. At present, the commonly used technique is to change the surface properties of the fiber and greatly increase the surface tension of the fabric, making it difficult for oil and other stains to penetrate into the fabric. Slight stains can be removed by wiping with a damp cloth, and heavier stains are also easy to remove. Clean. The anti-fouling finishing can not only prevent oil pollution but also has the performance of waterproof and moisture permeability, which is a more practical and effective advanced chemical finishing method.

It is actually a good choice to use polyester flannel fabric as home textile fabric. You can choose home textile fabric for pajamas.