Compared with sheet metal, humble hardware accessories are always easily overlooked. In fact, hinges, rails, clothes passes, brackets... A wardrobe requires a combination of a large number of hardware accessories, and these accessories are also important indicators that determine the comfort and durability of the wardrobe.

When selecting wardrobe hardware with good appearance performance, it is mainly to see whether there is any defect in appearance, how is the plating gloss, and how smooth the surface is.

Good quality pulleys and guide rails are easy, smooth, silent, and no jerky when they are pushed and pulled. Push and pull to listen to the sound to judge the quality of the pulley is not to say that the lower the sound, the better; whether the upper rail guide wheel has the adjustment function.

When buying metal accessories, the most basic thing is to see how smooth the surface is, whether it is fine and smooth, and no spots.

A good aluminum frame is light, hard and thick.

When purchasing hinge hinges, the most intuitive criterion is whether the cabinet door is regular and straight after installation? From the appearance point of view, high-quality hinges and inferior hinges are not much different, the only difference is to observe its thickness.

Good hinges are not easy to rust due to the thick plating on the surface, stable and strong, and strong load bearing capacity.

guide. The heavy-duty three-section rail or three-section slide rail is adopted. The sliding and pulling are smooth and silent, and the load-bearing capacity is large, which can be repeatedly pushed and pulled more than 100,000.

At present, there are four types of handles: plastic handles, zinc alloy handles, aluminum alloy handles, and stainless steel handles. The most widely used ones are zinc alloy handles. The surface coating technology is especially critical. Easy to fall off. Sweat that contains salt on your hands is somewhat corrosive and will make the zinc alloy handle dull. Therefore, apply the hands to experience the gloss change effect of the handle. In addition, the handle is usually fixed in two ways: screw and glue, and the former is stronger.

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